Accuweather Radar Doppler (2024)

1. Current Radar (Intellicast) | Radar Maps - Weather Underground

  • Modern weather radars are mostly doppler radars, capable of detecting the motion of rain droplets in addition to intensity of the precipitation. Both types of ...

  • We recognize our responsibility to use data and technology for good. We may use or share your data with our data vendors. Take control of your data.

2. Mega Doppler 7000 HD | Los Angeles Weather News - ABC7

  • AccuWeather · Feels Like. 64°. Sunrise. 6:17 AM · Humidity. 66%. Sunset. 7:27 PM · Windspeed. WSW 5 mph. Moonrise. 2:54 PM · Pressure. 29.93 in. Moonset. 3:55 ...

  • No one covers Los Angeles weather and the surrounding Southern California area like ABC7. KABC covers forecasts, weather maps, alerts, video and more.

3. Weather Radar: The Netherlands - meteoblue

  • The weather radar (The Netherlands) shows where it is currently raining or snowing. The radar map is updated every 5 minutes with a new radar observation.

  • See our precise weather radar for The Netherlands. ✓ Live data ✓ Rain radar

4. ABC13 Houston Weather Forecast, Radar, Alerts for SE Texas - ABC13

  • ABC13 is your source for weather alerts and upcoming 10-day forecasts. Stay up to date on severe storms and hurricane tracking for southeast Texas.

5. Interactive Future Radar Forecast - iWeatherNet

6. 2024 Weather radar -

  • 7 uur geleden · ... forecast, weather conditions and Doppler radar from The Weather Channel and ... Weather Forecast | AccuWeather. Recent Locations ...

  • 404

7. Weather and Radar Map for San Antonio, TX

  • Interactive weather map allows you to pan and zoom to get unmatched weather details in your local neighborhood or half a world away from The Weather Channel ...

  • Interactive weather map allows you to pan and zoom to get unmatched weather details in your local neighborhood or half a world away from The Weather Channel and

8. WATCH LIVE: Doppler Radar - KSAT

  • 13 jan 2020 · The latest satellite imaging tracking storms in South Texas and the San Antonio area.

  • The latest satellite imaging tracking storms in South Texas and the San Antonio area.

9. Weather Map: Radar - The Weather Network

  • Weather maps provide past, current, and future radar and satellite images for local cities and regions.

10. New York Weather News - Accutrack Radar - abc7NY

  • AccuWeather · Feels Like. 47°. Sunrise. 6:10 AM · Humidity. 80%. Sunset. 7:40 PM · Windspeed. SE 5 mph. Moonrise. 3:40 PM · Pressure. 30.05 in. Moonset. 4:29 AM.

  • No one covers New York weather and the surrounding area like ABC7. WABC covers forecasts, weather maps, alerts, video, street-level weather and more.

11. Michigan Weather Radar | ClickOnDetroit | WDIV Local 4

  • 1 day ago. 4Warn AppCast: Fans of heat may like outlooks through early summer. The Climate Prediction Center is releasing outlooks that show conditions ...

  • View live Michigan Weather Radar here from ClickOnDetroit and WDIV Local 4.

12. Interactive Radar - KOLN

  • KOLN | Interactive Radar | Lincoln, NE.

  • KOLN | Interactive Radar | Lincoln, NE

13. [atkcw] Radar 24 Doppler Ebony Hour Videos

  • ... Doppler Radar; Closings Due to Weather; Radar. Next 48 hours rain and snow ... AccuWeather Radar Satellite Current Conditions Forecast Wind Flow United ...

  • Preparing everything you need. Just a moment.

14. Interactive Radar - KMOV Weather Maps

  • St. Louis, Missouri daily and weekly weather forecasts from KMOV First Alert Weather.

  • St. Louis, Missouri daily and weekly weather forecasts from KMOV First Alert Weather

15. ABC13 Houston Weather Radar for Southeast Texas

  • View our Southeast Texas weather radar map for current weather conditions for Southeast Texas and the surrounding areas ... AccuWeather · Traffic; Local News.

  • ABC13 is your source for breaking news from Houston and the surrounding neighborhoods. Watch live streaming video and stay updated on Houston news.

16. Interactive Radar - 5 Eyewitness News

  • Track weather where you are via KSTP's interactive radar map.

17. Klystron 9 Interactive Radar | Tampa Weather | Spectrum Bay News 9

  • Check Spectrum Bay News 9's Klystron 9 Interactive Radar to get detailed, street-level conditions for the Tampa Bay area.

Accuweather Radar Doppler (2024)


What is the most accurate Doppler radar? ›

The WSR-88D is one of the most powerful and advanced Weather Surveillance Doppler Radar in the world. Since first being built and tested in 1988, it has been installed and used operationally at over 160 locations across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

What's the most accurate weather site? ›

With the most complete global real-time and historical data, most robust database of forecast models, most advanced forecast engine globally, proprietary patents, and comprehensive validation results, AccuWeather is the most accurate weather company worldwide.

What weather app is the most accurate? ›

Our Top 10 Most Accurate Weather Apps Forecasting - Free and Paid:
  • The Weather Channel - Best Free Weather App Overall.
  • AccuWeather - Most Accurate Weather App.
  • WeatherBug - Best App for Free Weather Alerts.
  • Dark Sky - Best Weather App for iPhone.
  • Shadow Weather - Best Weather App for Android.

How accurate is AccuWeather? ›

For both 24-hour high- and low-temperature forecasts, AccuWeather was the most accurate provider with the lowest average of absolute error and the greater percentage of forecast accuracy within 3 degrees of actual temperature observations.

Which weather app has the best radar? ›

Now known as Clime, the app formerly known as NOAA Radar Pro continues to stand out from the crowd with real-time radar delivered straight to your phone that shows you changing weather conditions around you.

What are the disadvantages of Doppler radar? ›

The drawback of Doppler radar is that it can be affected by atmospheric conditions such as precipitation, temperature inversions and wind. This can cause the radar signals to scatter or reflect in unexpected ways, making it difficult to accurately track the objects in question.

Is or AccuWeather more accurate? ›

AccuWeather is more accurate source of weather Forecasts and Warning in the World, recognized in New Proof of performance Results.

Why is AccuWeather more accurate? ›

AccuWeather has the most complete and largest collection of weather data in the world, containing all of the National Weather Service, NOAA models, forecasts, all real-time data, radar, and satellite data, plus data from NASA, EPA, and FAA. AccuWeather also has data and models from 160 countries and private sources.

What is the difference between AccuWeather and WeatherBug? ›

The Weather Channel provides a radar forecast 24 hours into the future. AccuWeather displays a minute-by-minute forecast of precipitation for the next four hours. WeatherBug shows the distance of the closest lightning strike in the past 30 minutes.

Is AccuWeather or weather app better? ›

The Weather Channel and Weather Underground are again at the top of the stack nationwide for forecasting high temperatures, but AccuWeather far surpasses all rivals in its ability to predict low temperatures to within three degrees.

Where does AccuWeather get its data? ›

The National Weather Service, which provides large amounts of the data that AccuWeather repackages and sells for profit, also provides that same information for free by placing it in the public domain.

Is AccuWeather more accurate than the Apple weather app? ›

But in terms of accuracy, apple weather has gotten MUCH better… here on the east coast (U.S.) it's actually been more accurate than sources like accuweather.

Is Google weather more accurate than AccuWeather? ›

The study, which covered the period of January 2018 through June 2019, also examined wind speed forecasts and concluded that AccuWeather was the provider with the highest level of accuracy.

How accurate is AccuWeather a week out? ›

A seven-day forecast can accurately predict the weather about 80 percent of the time and a five-day forecast can accurately predict the weather approximately 90 percent of the time. However, a 10-day—or longer—forecast is only right about half the time.

How good is the AccuWeather app? ›

Based on my experience and term of evaluation, I highly recommend AccuWeather for its simple interface, for its plaintive accuracy, and for its depth of features. Although I could imagine an improvement or so, I have to give this app the full five stars that it clearly deserves! For the most part this app is great.

What Doppler angle is most accurate? ›

The compromise is to use a 60° Doppler angle to standardize the error of velocity measurement. This method is not an absolute rule because <60° degree angles are certainly more accurate and precise.

How accurate is Doppler radar? ›

The National Weather Service's 148 WSR-88D Doppler radars can detect most precipitation within approximately 90 mi of the radar, and intense rain or snow within approximately 155 mi. However, light rain, light snow, or drizzle from shallow cloud weather systems are not necessarily detected.

Does the military use Doppler radar? ›

The U.S. Air Force's airborne-warning-and-control-system (AWACS) radar and military airborne-intercept radar depend on the pulse Doppler principle.

What is the difference between CW and pulse Doppler radar? ›

Continuous wave radar also has a longer range and a higher resolution than pulse radar. However, it also has some challenges, such as the need for a separate transmitter and receiver, the difficulty of measuring the distance to the target, and the susceptibility to interference and jamming.


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