Lob Cuts That Work For Thick Hair - The List (2024)

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Lob Cuts That Work For Thick Hair


Lob Cuts That Work For Thick Hair - The List (4)

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A new haircut can really catapult your confidence to the next level. But the commitment of a short bob can be a bit much for some. That's why the lob — i.e. the long bob — is the perfect in-between length. Typically, the lob sits above your collarbones and below your chin. That makes it a convenient hair length no matter what your plans are. For no-wash days or gym sessions, the lob allows you to pull your hair back into a ponytail easily.

You could even ask for layers to give extra texture to your lob, making an everyday, voluminous look effortless to maintain. Those with thick hair can definitely benefit from the long bob, especially one with the aforementioned textured layers, which will make your haircut look more dynamic in general. If you're in need of cute lob haircut ideas you'll absolutely love for your thick hair, we have you covered with these jaw-dropping styles.

What to ask for to get a great lob for your thick hair

If you have thick hair and are looking to get a long bob, you can take your look above and beyond with some extra layers and texture. Thick hair can seem stagnant for some. Los Angeles-based stylist Nicole Pascual has suggestions for thick-haired women considering lobs. "You can make lobs more interesting by playing with texture and your cutting angle," she told Bustle. "For thicker hair types, I love to use razors or thinning shears to give a strong but lived-in look to the lob." To achieve the layered lob look, ask your stylist to cut your hair at a flattering angle.

We love a deep side part lob

There are many ways to style a lob, but we are especially drawn to a dramatic side part. Figuring out whether a middle part or side part is right for you can take some trial and error. However, many of us come back to the side part, time and time again. If you do end up opting for a side part, the thick lob will be a great way to get volume. For an extra airy look, add some brushed-out curls for a bit more bounce.

Try blunt bangs with an equally blunt lob

Thick hair thrives with a blunt cut, both when it comes to your lob and bangs. You can add more variety to your haircut by branching out into the world of bangs. Some people are terrified by just the mention of them, assuming that you must be going through a breakup or some kind of emotional rollercoaster to consider some face-framing pieces. But you don't need an excuse to try out the most flattering bangs for your face shape. If you want to take your lob to the next level, consider some blunt bangs to match it.

What about a wolf cut take on the classic lob?

The lob has been a term thrown around in hair salons for a while, but the wolf cut has only more recently become part of the hairstylist's lexicon. It's easy to pull off the trendy wolf cut no matter your hair texture. However, thicker hair definitely has an advantage when it comes to this extra layered, and intentionally messy look. A shaggy lob and some curtain bangs are a more understated version of this mullet-inspired trend that won't completely take you out of your comfort zone either.

Consider coloring your hair to highlight its thick texture

A layered lob isn't the only way to add movement and dimension to thick hair. Even understated highlights or lowlights can make your locks pop. And the best part? These ombré dips don't require you to go to the salon very often at all. Unlike brighter highlights, balayage pieces are placed so that your natural roots blend in naturally with them. If you want this "bronde" look to add dimension to your lob, hair color expert Jack Howard explained toPopSugarthat you should "Tell your colorist that you still want to identify as a brunette, but you want to add some threads of caramel."

Straight, thick hair works with the lob, too

Not all thick hair tends to curl. Some people have ultra-straight thick hair, and the lob can be a great tool for adding dimension. A blunt shoulder-length lob with soft curtain bangs will shape your face and flatter your hair's natural tendencies too. You can easily maintain your lob without heading to the salon super often, which is another benefit of this laidback haircut. Just a few trips a year to thin out your locks and cut off dead ends will keep your lob looking good as new.


Lob Cuts That Work For Thick Hair - The List (2024)


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