How To Grow Shoulder-Length Hair To Waist Length - Hair Explainer (2024)

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to grow out their hair all the way to their waist.

In some cultures, long hair down to your hips is more beautiful and symbolizes prosperity, so women work hard to get uber long hair.

Some regret a bad haircut that makes their short hair look puffy or unflattering for their face shape.

Others simply want that beachy waves look all year-’round.

Whatever your reason is, long hair is much-coveted in the hair care world.

Not only does it look exquisite on most people, but it’s also very versatile and fun to style and play around with.

It’s the most satisfying type of hair to use hot tools on too!

But getting there isn’t a walk in the park.

It takes effort and thorough care to grow your hair from your shoulders to your waist area.

Maintaining it isn’t a breeze either, since longer hair is known to be fussy and needs extra care and pampering.

Here are some tips on how to grow shoulder-length hair to waist length.

The tips can also be used to grow out your hair to get the length you want.

We’ll also be sharing a few tips on how to care for your locks after achieving your desired length.

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How Does Our Hair Grow Longer?

First, you must understand how hair grows in the first place.

See, everyone has thousands of little hair follicles on their scalp.

These follicles are where your roots live – the main location where hair sprouts from underneath.

Your blood carries all the nutrients to your scalp and nourishes your follicles, supplying vitamins and oxygen that help your roots grow your hair.

That’s why proper nutrition is vital in growing nice, long hair properly.

As your hair strands grow out of the follicles, it pushes through a sebaceous gland that produces your scalp’s natural oils.

This oil keeps your hair shiny and soft since it’s a natural moisturizer for your locks.

The hair that grows out of your head is essentially dead protein, which is why it never physically hurts when you cut your hair.

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That said, you still have to work to keep those strands luminous and healthy-looking – but more on that later!

When you get older, your follicles won’t be as active.

That’s why many older people go bald or face issues with hair loss and thinning.

So if you’re of a more mature age and want to sport long hair, you should double down on efforts to grow it out.

Manage Your Expectations – You Won’t Grow Waist-Length Hair Overnight!

Here’s the thing you need to understand: hair doesn’t grow that fast.

Experts say hair grows about six inches per year (which comes down to half an inch per month!), and that’s if you’re taking good care of it.

So you have to manage your expectations of how quickly you’ll achieve super-long locks.

However, six inches a year is not a standard for everyone.

Growing out hair is a different process for each of us, depending on our genetics, age, lifestyle, hair habits, and hair type.

For example, those with naturally dehydrated hair might take longer to grow out their hair unless it’s constantly moisturized.

Some people will need just ten months to get their hair down to their waist, while others will need a year and a half, or even longer.

Don’t beat yourself up if your hair doesn’t grow as fast as you were hoping – just let your body do its thing.

It’s impossible to accurately predict when you’ll get the hair length you want.

But if you really want to know how long it might take you to grow out your hair to your waist, you can try measuring how many inches your hair grows in one month.

From there, you can do the math of how many months or years it will take to get to your dream length.

Although you should note that once you start taking better care of your hair, the process might pick up speed.

How To Grow Shoulder Length Hair To Waist Length

Most factors that play into how fast your hair will grow are out of your control.

But there are small habits you can adopt to help encourage healthy hair growth.

Like I said, growing your hair long takes a lot of work and conscious effort.

But the tips I’m about to share aren’t all that complicated.

Basically, all you have to do is care for your hair and scalp so that it does its thing and grows gorgeous hair from your roots.

The best thing you can do is ensure that your body has all the nutrients it needs to grow long hair.

The healthier your scalp and hair, the faster growth will be, and you’ll flaunt waist-length hair in no time.

Trim Your Hair Regularly To Get Rid Of Split Ends

Tolerating split ends won’t just cause frizz and a rough hair texture – it also slows down hair growth because your hair bonds are so broken and damaged.

To maintain your hair’s health and integrity, make sure you regularly go to your salon for trims.

When you cut those nasty ends off, your hair becomes revitalized, stimulating healthy hair growth.

Don’t overdo it, though.

You don’t want to cut every week because you won’t see any noticeable changes in your length, so you can’t keep track of your progress.

Getting a trim every other month is perfect for keeping split ends at bay.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

Your scalp’s natural oils and moisture coat your hair, nourishing it so that it can grow strong and shiny.

If you aggressively shampoo your hair every day, you could dry out your locks.

No moisture means no nourishment, and this can hamper hair growth.

Plus, most shampoos are infused with harsh sulfates that dehydrate your hair.

Not only will you notice slow hair growth, but you’ll have to deal with parched strands too.

Give your hair a few days to soak in your natural sebum.

But when you feel like your scalp is getting too greasy and there’s a ton of build-up suffocating your follicles, it’s a sign that you should shampoo your hair.

Keep Your Scalp Clean And Debris-Free

All your hair growth takes place on your scalp, so it’s important to foster the optimal environment for good hair growth in that area.

Make sure it’s always clean, even between wash days.

That means keeping dry shampoo and hairspray build-up in check, too, so that your follicles don’t feel clogged and itchy.

If you feel like your follicles are suffocating because of product build-up, think about using a clarifying shampoo on your next wash day.

This unsticks the dirt and debris that are too stubborn to be washed away by your usual shampoo.

And after washing your hair, rinse with cold water.

This smooths down your cuticle, allowing your hair to lock in moisture and stay sleek all day.

That’s a sharp contrast to hot water, which can dry out your hair and stress out the scalp.

Moisturize Your Hair With Light Yet Nourishing Oils

The natural oils our hair and scalp produce help keep the tresses long and strong.

But when you’re feeling a bit dehydrated, you can turn to natural oils to replenish your hair with moisture.

Take a look at oils that are nourishing but still lightweight so they don’t end up feeling greasy and heavy on your locks.

Some terrific ones include jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and argan oil.

These oils will strengthen your hair’s bonds, encouraging strong hair growth.

They also add some shine and luminosity to your mane, which is always nice if your hair needs a boost of glow.

Stimulate Your Hair Follicles With Regular Massages

Treat yourself to a quick massage for a few minutes every day.

Not only does it alleviate any stress after a long day, but it also stimulates blood circulation in your scalp, allowing for proper hair growth of strong, thick hair.

You can massage your hair with your fingertips, but there are a bunch of innovative tools you can use to guide your massage, too.

These include cute scalp massagers and gentle brushes.

Incorporate essential oils into your scalp massage to stimulate your follicles and encourage hair growth.

Peppermint oil is terrific for thickening the hair, while rosemary oil is renowned for its ability to grow hair faster.

These oils also calm the senses and provide some aromatherapy for your mind and soul.

These essential oils might be too potent for your sensitive scalps.

It’s advisable to dilute them in your favorite strengthening hair oil such as coconut oil or Jamaican black castor oil.

Try Out Coffee-Infused Hair Products

I know this sounds crazy, but people swear by it, and the science doesn’t lie!

Caffeine is amazing at speeding up hair growth.

It stimulates blood circulation to make sure your follicles have all the nutrients needed for longer hair.

It also works as a DHT-blocker, which means it prevents hair loss.

Look for shampoos and deep conditioners infused with coffee, tea, and caffeine in general.

Just make sure to manage your expectations with this one – caffeine takes about three months to help grow your hair faster, so just be patient until then.

Handle Your Hair Gently When Styling

Damaging your hair doesn’t just come from bleach or other chemical procedures.

Innocent habits like putting your hair in a tight ponytail or pulling too much when you use your flat iron could cause breakage and split ends, impairing growth.

When you expose your hair to tension and stress, it could snap in two.

And when your hair’s bonds are broken, it’s difficult to rely on them to grow quickly.

Try not to stress your hair out that much.

Don’t brush too hard because this can break your strands.

Avoid tugging on your hair when you straighten it with an iron.

In fact, lay off on the heat styling too.

Heat can cause damage in the long run, and damaged hair doesn’t fare well when it comes to hair growth.

When you do have to style your hair with hot tools, make sure to use a heat protectant before you begin.

Eat A Balanced, Protein-Rich Diet

Eating the right food groups gives you all the vitamins and minerals you need to grow your hair long and strong.

So if you go on crash diets and restrictive eating, not only will you feel weak and fatigued, but your hair will look lackluster and slow down in growth.

Make sure you’re consuming a lot of protein since it’s a key nutrient for fortifying and growing hair.

You should also ensure that your diet is rich in vitamin E, zinc, iron, and omega fatty acids, all pertinent to hair growth.

How To Properly Care For Very Long Hair

Growing out your hair isn’t the only task that deserves your diligence and hard work.

Long hair is a responsibility.

So once your hair is down to your waist, you also have to maintain it to enjoy its beauty.

Apart from continuing the lifestyle changes listed above, there are a few other things you must do.


For one, you need to detangle your long tresses constantly.

Long hair can be a hassle because it’s prone to more tangles.

It’s not really something you can avoid since it comes with the length.

Try to use a smoothing cream or a daily leave-in conditioner to help you easily rake out the tangles and fairy knots that keep your hair from looking sleek and smooth.

Cut Out Chemical Processes

Another tip is to cut out chemical processes from your life.

Try not to bleach and get coloring jobs, which will cause a lot of damage to your hair and can trigger hair thinning and breakage, which is never pretty on super long hair.

Avoid Heat Styling

Keep those heat-styling tools at bay, too, for minimal heat damage.


There you go: you now know how to grow shoulder-length hair to waist length!

Growing longer hair that falls to your waist feels like an impossible feat, but it’s really not.

If you care for your hair and treat it right, it will grow to your dream length.

There’s no magic formula to get super long hair right away.

All you have to do is love your hair, nourish it properly, be gentle to it, and then wait for it to do its thing.

It’s like being in a relationship – give everything you can to nurture your hair, and you can trust that it will do its part too.

Just remember that while all these tasks seem tedious, it’s all part of the process.

Moisturize, skip out on damaging habits, and eat a balanced diet, and your hair will come through.

Bye-bye, awkward shoulder-length hair, and hello, sultry waist-length tresses!

How To Grow Shoulder-Length Hair To Waist Length - Hair Explainer (2024)


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