Hike the Skåneleden trails (2024)

Experience Skåne's diverse countryside

Hiking in Skåne,the southernmost part of Sweden, attracts seasoned trekkers and amateur hikers from all over the world. Pack your bag, lace up your boots and trek the Scandinavian wilderness with its old virgin forests, rocky coastlines and pastoral landscapes.

The Skåneleden Trail – follow the orange signs

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The entire Skåneleden trail is marked with orange markers and signs, so you'll always know in which direction to go.

The Skåneleden Trail is a 1,300kilometre-long marked long-distance hiking trail through the countryside of Skåne. Choose from sixseparate sub-trails comprising a total of 113sections, some of which are connected, making them perfect for circular hikes.

The entire trail is marked with orange markers and signs, so you always know where you’re going.

Walk the coastal sections for dramatic contrasts between rocky shores, sandy beaches and the open sea, or hike the hillsides of mid-Skåne with lush green beech forests, fascinating rock formations and abundant flora and fauna.If you want that sense of remote seclusion, the lakes in north-east Skåne are surrounded by deepforests and historic sites.

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Friends hiking through the fields on Skåneleden.

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Kullaberg has many marked hiking trails that offer scenic views.

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Visiting Skanör you'll likely pass by the iconic and charming beach cabins.

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Hiking in Brösarp gives the opportunity to gaze at the famous rolling hills.

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Skåneleden's trails are for everybody!

Hovdala hiking centre – a unique nature experience

Hiking the woods around Hovdala by Finjasjön Lake, south of Hässleholm, is like being given the keys to thousands of rooms just waiting to be discovered, each with its own charms and character.Hovdala gives you energy for your body and soul, every season of the year.

And it’s easy to get here. Take the bus or train to the centre of Hässleholm and start your hike right at the train station. Read more about hiking in Hovdala here.

Dramatic cliffs and salty sea views along Skåne's coastlines

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Experience the fairy-tale landscape with rocky outcrops of Hovs Hallar.

The western coast of Skåne is all about steep cliffs and rocky outcrops. Start at Hovs Hallar where the Hallandsåsen ridge meets the sea. The volcanic rocks here are made of a reddish gneiss with embedded amphibolite, when magma forced its way through the bedrock.The water has shaped the rocks in dramatic formations of imaginative stacks and caves.

Trek further south through the nature reserve of Kullaberg and surround yourself in breath-taking views over the Öresund and Kattegatt waters.Naturum Kullaberg Visitor Centre on the edge of the peninsula at the Kullen Lighthouse gives you an in-depth guide to the animal and plant life of this area.

Hike the 70-kilometre long Kullaleden trail, certified by ERA (the European Ramblers’ Association) as a Leading Quality Trail, which means it is among the best hiking trails in Europe for physical standard, service level and nature experiences.

Urban hip to wild country in a day

If you prefer the city life in Malmö or Lund but want to get a sense of this region’s impressive countryside and wildlife, go to Romeleåsen ridge for a day trip. This popular attraction has some different, rewarding hiking routes; Romeleåsen was formed 150 million years ago and has a height difference of just over 200 metres. Pass by Romeleklint, the second highest point of the ridge, and Järnhatten with its exposed bedrock.

Romeleåsen is home to a rich animal and birdlife, like fallow deer and red deer. Also visit Kullatorpet, a well preserved 19th century croft which is open for visitors during some weekends and holidays.

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Much of the lush woods of Söderåsen is easily accessible for everyone.

Trek Söderåsen’s lush woods

Söderåsen National Park is 40 kilometres east of Helsingborg in Skåne. Access the trail in Skäralid, by the Naturum information and visitor centre. Or in the south by the tourist office in Röstånga. There are bus stops at both accesses and in several places along the park boundary.

The ancient Söderåsen ridge is 150 million years old. This is an area of enchanting virgin forests, secretive dark waters and steep slopes.

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Hiking or walking with a view – Stenshuvud National Park is visible from a far distance along Skåne's eastern coastline.

Stenshuvud National Park – from sandy heaths to rocky roads

Stenshuvud National Park occupies 400 hectares, including 80 hectares of sea. Hike the three peaks where the northern peak is 97 metres above sea level.

The area is covered in hornbeam forests with beech and oak trees. Livestock graze parts of the national park to keep the countryside open. Explore many different biotypes from sandy heaths and wet meadows to rocky coastland and beautiful sandy beaches. Look out for rare flora like barren strawberry, black spleenwort, pasqueflower and immortelle.

Experiencetrue wilderness in north-eastSkåne

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Bring your own tent and experience the true wilderness.

North-east Skåne is all about serious trekking. The trail takes you through the dense Göinge Woodlands, where the pro-Danish Snapphane guerillas once fought against the Swedes to keep Skåne under Danish rule. Then it passes through beautiful country estates and open savannah-like meadows and plains.

Dive into one of the many lakes for a refreshing swim, and keep your eyes open for rare birds, animals and plants around the many small streams and the wet grounds.

Campsites and facilities

There are campsites with facilities for hikers all along the Skåneleden trail. You’ll oftenfind a shelter, compost toilet, place to light a fire, wood, information boards and rubbish bins. And it’s all free.Forwater supply, boil itor bring your own filter.

So pack your bag and get ready for unique hiking adventures. Visit Skåneleden's website to findmore information and help to plan your trip.

Reach the trail by bus or train

You can get to most sections of Skåneleden by bus or train, you don’t need your own car to hike the trail. Or you can park your car in one place, hike from there for as long as you like, then take public transportation back to your car.

Order your Skåneleden trail map here

To find connections to a specific part of the trail with buses and trains together with more detailed information about each section, visit Skåneleden's website.

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Hike the Skåneleden trails (2024)


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