11 Brilliant Halloween Looks You Can Create With Regular Makeup (2024)

11 Brilliant Halloween Looks You Can Create With Regular Makeup (1)


Even if you love Halloween, it can be all too easy to leave choosing a costume until the very last minute. It’s difficult to know exactly how dressed up to be, too, depending on where you’ll be wearing the outfit. No one wants to show up to the office and be the only one in a costume or to pull a Cady Herron at a friend’s Halloween party. Not to mention, elaborate outfits and accessories can be expensive. That’s why having some quick and easy Halloween makeup ideas in your back pocket can come in handy. And if the looks require only the makeup that you probably already own? That’s even better.

Whether a scary clown, Morticia Addams or a “Euphoria” costume is more your style, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to create a look from only a handful of makeup items that are likely sitting on your bathroom counter. Plus, unlike a head-to-toe Pennywise or sexy pirate costume, all of the makeup items featured here to create Halloween looks can be used again. Sure, you might use a palette and some eyeliner to create a spooky spider web look, but you can also use them to pull off the perfect smoky eye for a future date night. In other words, creating a Halloween costume with everyday makeup means that you’re not wasting money on something you’ll likely never wear or use again.


Curious about where to start when it comes to Halloween makeup looks? Here are 11 tutorials for looks that are possible with products you probably already own (and some easy-to-shop links in case you don’t).

Spooky Clown

This video from Ashley Quiroz provides three ideas for last-minute Halloween makeup looks, all of which could be done with the contents of a well-stocked makeup drawer (no face paint required). It’s the clown makeup look in particular, though, that’s worth focusing on if you feel comfortable using liquid eyeliner. Quiroz uses a popular eyeliner (Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Liquid Liner) for the majority of the look, pairing it with some basic black shadow. It looks dramatic, but it’s incredibly easy to follow.

Inspired by “Euphoria”


This video has two easy makeup looks. As vlogger Tina Halada explains, you can pull them off at the last minute, and they’re “super petty,” too, giving you a great option if that’s more your speed than something gory. Focusing on the second look, though, all it really requires is a great glitter eyeliner and some stick-on gems.

Spider Web

Back to a spooky option, this tutorial by Idara would be great paired with any sort of all-black outfit. It feels festive and spooky while not being overly dramatic. Plus, it uses all standard products for a full face of makeup — eye shadow, foundation, highlighter and eyeliner, of course.

Harley Quinn

If you happen to have a more colorful collection of makeup, a Harley Quinn-inspired look would be easy and super fun. As vlogger Roxxsaurus explains, you can do the whole costume with mostly makeup (you could add a wig, too) and everyone knows who you’re trying to be.



Former fans of “Twilight,” unite. This glam vampire look is incredibly pretty but also has just enough spooky details to make it perfect for Halloween. Beauty vlogger Ellarie describes this look as “sexy-gory.”

Creepy Doll

For those in search of an easy, quick and completely doable makeup tutorial that’s also incredibly spooky, then this video from Karman fits the bill. Really, though, this video is a bit creepy — but that’s kind of the point! If you have baby doll dresses in your closet, this would be an easy head-to-toe costume to put together at the last minute.



Own an ethereal white dress of some sort? Congrats, you have a Halloween costume! This angelic makeup look from Roxette Arisa is attainable, quick, easy and very pretty. Plus, it’s an excuse to use glitter on your face, so there’s always that.


If you have an eyeshadow palette that focuses on pink and red shades and some red or pink lip liner, this tutorial from Hannah Renee is proof that creating a sexy (yet pretty) makeup look for a devil costume is pretty simple. Add a cute red dress and you’re good to go. No face paint required.

Get Revolution Makeup Obsession eye shadow palette in Pretty in Pink for $7.


Looking for a not-as-common Halloween costume that allows you to play with sultry, smoky makeup? This glam pirate tutorial from SMLx0 is the way to go. This one is probably better for someone who has some experience with blending eyeshadow and creating smoky eyes, and also for those who love dramatic makeup.


Morticia Addams

If you happen to own a foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone, this is a great way to put it to use. In addition to the light foundation, this look by Kayla Hagey is really just a basic smoky eye and red lips, both of which are easy to create with makeup you probably already have at home.


No easy Halloween makeup look would be complete without a skull tutorial, of course. This one uses eyeliner and eyeshadow to create a quick and easy skull that’s a good balance between spooky and sexy. Just make sure you use a waterproof eyeliner to avoid anything melting off.

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11 Brilliant Halloween Looks You Can Create With Regular Makeup (2)

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11 Brilliant Halloween Looks You Can Create With Regular Makeup (2024)


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